Being together is essential to remembering you are not alone.

Monthly Lunches

On the first Wednesday of every month men all across the country will gather together to spur each other on.

  • Dallas, TX - 4525 Belt Line Rd, Addison, TX 75001

  • Boise, ID -

  • Cody, WY -

Mens Retreats

The 1613 Project aims to bring together courageous, principled leaders who are ready to stand firm till the end. We believe the world needs more people willing to exemplify timeless virtues like integrity, compassion, alertness to evil, and moral courage.

Our vision is to unite influential leaders across multiple spheres of influence partially through conferences. These gatherings will transcend titles, statuses, and backgrounds to cultivate a coalition of doers ready to impact the world for good.

We welcome respected change-makers in diverse fields - business, the arts, media, public service, military, faith communities, non-profits and more. If you have influence in your sphere, we invite you to join a community of leaders learning from each other.

Imagine the impact when principled leaders converge across generational, ideological, professional and social divides. Imagine their combined potential to model integrity, illuminate truth, and renew civilization’s commitment to the timeless virtues.

The 1613 Project conferences are a platform for leaders to gain insight, restore virtues and unite in common cause. Attendees will discuss concrete ways to manifest courage, compassion and conviction in business, politics, culture, education, and beyond.

Our aim is to convene them, replenish their spirits, and send them back into their spheres renewed. The 1613 Project is a call to action for all who are ready to lead by example.

  • January 19-21 - DFW, TX
  • May 3-5 - Nashville, TN
  • August 2-4 - TBD, Colorado
  • October 18-21 - Lacrosse, WI

Registration for these retreats will go live first week of November.

group of people setting up campfire
group of people setting up campfire
fried food on red and white checkered textile
fried food on red and white checkered textile

If you would like to add a 1613 lunch to our website for you to host in your city please reach out to us at the bottom of the page.