The Faithful Remnant

3 Key principles from Malachi

Connor Baxter

11/14/20233 min read

gray concrete church during daytime
gray concrete church during daytime

We live in a world where pain has become an unwelcome companion. We find ourselves causing hurt in each other's lives. The phenomenon of "church hurt" is pervasive, with scars from within religious institutions leaving many disillusioned and wounded. Simultaneously, the global state of affairs paints a bleak picture, with wars, shootings, and broken homes casting shadows over the effectiveness of the church. Amidst this chaos, there's a glaring concern – the infection of sin and moral decay within the leadership of the church. It's a crisis that calls for introspection and a search for answers. As we stand at this crossroads of internal conflict, perceived ineffectiveness, and infected leadership, we turn to the final chapters of Malachi. Here, God provides guidance on how to be His faithful remnant in a world drowning in chaos. The faithful remnant of the past faced similar challenges and emerged triumphant by embracing three key principles: Fear God, Fellowship together, and Focus on the reality of being God's focus. Today, these principles remain the beacon of hope, guiding us through the tumultuous seas of church hurt, ineffective institutions, and compromised leadership. Join us as we delve into the timeless wisdom of Malachi, discovering how to Fear, Fellowship, and Focus – the essence of being the faithful remnant.

Fear God; The first step in becoming the faithful remnant is to fear God. This fear is not a paralyzing dread but a reverential awe and respect for the Almighty. It means having an appropriate view of who God is and responding to Him accordingly. In a world where people often compare themselves to societal standards, the faithful remnant compares themselves to God's perfect standard, recognizing the need for humility and obedience. Fearing God is not about seeking new revelations but faithfully applying the existing revelation found in Scripture to our lives. It's about understanding that God's words are already complete and accessible, and our role is to live in accordance with them. Fellowship Together; The second key aspect of being the faithful remnant is fellowship. Just as the people in Malachi's time gathered together to speak with one another, the modern faithful remnant needs community. This involves being fully known and fully loved in smaller relationships where individuals can encourage, admonish, and help each other navigate life. Gathering together is not merely a nice thing to do; it's a necessity for survival in faithfulness. In a world filled with chaos and challenges, having God-fearing people as a support system ensures that one can persevere in the face of adversity.

Focus on the reality that we are God's focus; The final element in being the faithful remnant is to focus on the reality that God pays attention to us and remembers our obedience. Even when the world seems chaotic, and it feels like God is distant, the faithful remnant believes that God sees every act of faithfulness. This focus provides comfort and courage in difficult times, knowing that God's attention is on those who remain faithful. It's a reminder that our deeds are recorded in a book of remembrance before Him, and when history reaches its conclusion, the faithful remnant will be treasured possessions spared by God.

In conclusion, the challenges faced by the faithful remnant in Malachi's time resonate with the struggles many individuals experience in today's world. The call to fear God, fellowship together, and focus on God's attention remains as relevant now as it was then. By embracing these principles, individuals can navigate the complexities of church hurt, perceived ineffectiveness by the church in the world, and compromised leadership within religious institutions. The faithful remnant is not a perfect group, but a community committed to humility, obedience, and perseverance in the face of challenges. As history unfolds, and chaos surrounds, the faithful remnant stands as a testimony to the enduring power of faith and the unwavering attention of a loving and just God.